About UVAL

Utility Value Engineering (Pty.) Ltd. (UVAL) is a new business built on a vision shared by its very experienced team. The UVAL team consist of engineering and business professionals with solid track records in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments. Dave Fleming is a senior electrical engineer while Morten Hald has the nag for developing emerging market technology businesses.

UVAL leverages decades of experience in the consulting engineering industry and its extensive network of engineering resources offering specific skills for specific projects. UVAL relies on world class technology providers with an established African footprint to provide the best technology and the best support in an often challenging environment.


The Bigger Picture:

UVAL believes that the world and the African continent in particular is on the cusp of an energy revolution. We shall see another paradigm shift of “Internet-sized proportions” fuelled by the rapid development in renewable energy and associated energy, water and waste management solutions. These advances shall open new opportunities while profoundly shaking the foundation of well entrenched business models and incumbent supply and demand structures.

No more so shall this revolution happen than in Africa, where the advent of mobile telecommunications showed us the road from “0G to 4G” in a few decades. Similarly, we shall now experience another quantum leap, where conventional or non-existing grid supply of electricity, water and sanitation shall be transformed by a set of nimble, highly adaptive solutions that not only are environmentally sustainable but also the best and most cost effective in vast number of applications. In the developed world we have successfully adapted solar power in the context of supplementing existing grid supply. In large parts of Africa there is no grid supply and building one now is in many instances not viable when independent or micro grid solutions are now available much faster and at a competitive price point compared to the incumbent big-brother-grid-to-consumer.


The UVAL approach is straight forward:

  • We help our customers understand their existing utility supply and how efficient these essential services are consumed. We clarify the current challenges and pinpoint areas of both immediate and longer term improvement.
  • We develop a high level business case for investments in utility savings (reduction in electricity and water usage).
  • We recommend and design the best use of alternative power generation (options include solar power, bio-mass, co- & tri-generation and hybrid variations thereof) to be offered whether clients are grid-tied, partially grid-tied or completely off-grid.
  • We present a prioritised roadmap of investment grade projects for client approval.
  • We implement projects turn-key while remaining involved in their long term operation and management.